This site is dedicated to the products you can receive depending on your needs.

Everyone receives an online and password protected gallery with all the edited pictures. You can upgrade your selection at anytime.

Example: you can choose a package that includes the basics and upgrade with some prints and USB. Look at that sweet bundle of love!

Below you are looking at The Christening Book.

The Christening  Book is a bespoke handmade album by the best in the industry, with a lifetime warranty.

And may I add: A lifetime of love! Nothing speaks more, than pictures in print.

The albums come in different sizes and colours to make sure it matches your taste!

You shall receive your treasures like this… Some people find it hard to open their package, but at the end no-one has ever found the will to resist!

The best moment, is when my clients receive their packages. The joy and excitement in their eyes make everything worthwhile!

Can’t wait to create your package!

Talk to you soon,